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Does x Doesn´t

1. Complete the sentences with do, does, don’t or doesn’t.

a. _________ Mr. and Mrs. Smith work every day?

b. Roy _________ study French.

c. Where _________ you have lunch every day?

d. Jill and Sue _________ study math in the afternoon. They study English.

e. _________ Warren have short curly hair?

f. I _________ play tennis, I play basketball.

2. Complete the text with the verbs in parentheses using the simple present tense.

I am John Miller. I _________ (study) at a very good school in London, England. I _____ (get up) at about 6:30 every morning. Then, I ___________________ _________ (have breakfast) and ________ (go) to school. My mother usually _______ (drive) me there because she ________ (work) near the school. At twelve o’clock, I ______________ (have lunch) at a snack bar. For lunch, I usually ________ (eat) a sandwich and __________ (drink) a glass of orange juice. I _________ (leave) school at four o’clock. After school, I usually ________ (go) to the club with my father. There, we _________ (play) basketball and __________ (swim). In the evening, I ________ (do) my homework, ____________ (watch) TV and ________ (go) to bed at about ten o’clock.

3.Complete with the simple present tense of the verbs from the box:

Elipse: Play-  get up-  drink-  go-  watch-  eat-  have

a) Mary ________ coffee every morning.

b) Jack __________ up early.

c) The children ___________ soccer after school.

d) My friend usually ________ a hamburger for lunch.

e) Nancy and I ________ to the club on Sundays.

f) My parents never ___________ watch TV in the afternoon.

g) I __________ two new DVDs at home.

The Bridges

The Bridges are a very famous English band. They all live in London. Their music is based on rock ‘n’ roll. “Rainy Days” is their first success all over the world.

The musicians of the band are: Dick Jason, the pianist, Charles Taylor and John Stuart the guitarists, Peter Kent, the drummer and Jane Watson, the vocalist.

At this moment they are planning to go on a tour in The United States. They are going to stay there for two months. They are going to play in New York City, Boston, Detroit and Miami. They also intend to go to South America.


4. Dê o(s) nome(s) do(s):

a. pianist – _______________________

b. guitarists – _______________________

c. vocalist – _______________________

d. drummer – _______________________

5. Responda as perguntas:.

a. Where do the musicians of the band live?


b. What is their music based on?


c. What is the name of their first success?


d. What cities are they going to visit in the USA?


Emiliano Di Cavalcanti (1897-1976)

When you hear the name Di Cavalcanti you immediately think of painting. The most frequent theme of his paintings is the mulatto women. But Di Cavalcanti used the same skill in painting vases of flowers, landscapes, still lives, fishermen and popular scenes such as samba and Carnival. For this reason, Di Cavalcanti is the most Brazilian of Brazilian painters.

“I am a painter of women” said Di. Mulata em Fundo Verde (Mulata on a Green Background), Blusa Estampada (Printed Blouse) and Cabeça de Mulher (Woman’s Head) are some of his works.

Compreensão textual

6. Marque T (true- verdadeiro) or F (false-falso).

a. ( ) Di Cavalcanti used Brazilian themes in his paintings.

b. ( ) Mulata on a Green Background isn’t a famous painting.

7. Responda em português.

Qual o tema mais freqüente das pinturas de Di?

8. Complete as sentenças usando o passado simples dos verbos em parênteses:

a) Jackie ____________ in London last year. (study)

b) The children _____________ at home yesterday. (stay)

c) _______________ to music yesterdar? (Roy/ listen)

d) We _________________ school yesterday. ( not /attend)

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