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Atividades - Inglês

  1. An animal with a long nose.____________________________________________
  2. An animal that jumps and catches flies. .__________________________________
  3. An animal with black and orange stripes. __________________________________
  4. An animal with black and white stripes. ___________________________________
  5. The king of animals. __________________________________________________
  6. A green animal with a long mouth. _______________________________________
  7. An animal that likes banana. ___________________________________________
  8. An animal you ride. ___________________________________________________

  1. Put the verb to be (AM/IS/ARE)

a) He ________a police officer.

b) I _______ climbing a tree.

c) We ________ reading.

d) Tom _______ a student.

e) You ______ in love.

f) We ______ twin brothers.

g) Mary _____ at school. She _____ sitting down.

h) Anna _____ taking a nap.

i) I ______ riding a bicycle.

j) I ________ an artist.

k) Mrs. Owl ______a teacher

l) This _____ a backpack.

m) We _____ the champions!

n) This ____ Elvis. He ______ singing.

o) You _____ watching TV.

  1. Complete with the personal pronouns:

Parte superior do formulário

(Mary and Carla) go to school together.

- Are Brazilian too?
- No, I'm from Portugal.

(Julia and Mike)
are good friends.

Anthony is a student, but
goes to a different school.

(My family and I)
live in Ohio.

(Claudia and her friends)
are from Germany.

- I'm a teacher. What about
- I'm a teacher too.

My mother is German, but
speaks English too.

(Jane, Steve and I)
go to the movies every weekend.

(My friends and Laura)
are coming to the party.
Today the weather great, but last week it awful.

Tony and I
so hungry last night!

she last night?

Mike and Tom in town?
- I don't think so. I called them several times this week, but nobody

23 last year, so now she 24.

- Where
your brothers?
- I don't know. They
in the pool fifteen minutes ago.

These shirts
so expensive! The ones I saw last week cheaper.

at the club this morning. Right now he in school.

Tina, Arthur and Jake
in Paris today. Just yesterday they in Berlin.

- Oh! This tomato
- Really?
It good yesterday.Parte inferior do formulário

  1. Bill Gates' Daughter Can't Use Her Computer All Day

Her father may have made lots of money in computer software, but Bill Gates' daughter can only spend a limited amount of time each day in front of a monitor.
Gates told a meeting in Ottawa, Canada that his 10-year-old daughter started using her computer several hours a day to play video games.
Gates decided to limit her computer time to 45 minutes a day, plus time for the homework she receives from school.

a) Bill Gates doesn't want his daughter to spend the entire day in front of a computer.

A. ( ) True

B. ( ) False

  1. The irony of this story is that...
    1. ( ) Gates' daughter loves video games.
    2. ( ) Gates has made a lot of money in computer software.
    3. ( ) Gates uses his computer a lot.
  1. Gates' daughter has 45 minutes a day to use the computer. That includes the time she spends doing her homework.
    1. ( ) True
    2. ( ) False
  1. From now on, Gates' daughter will be able to use her computer longer that 30 minutes a day.
    1. ( ) True
    2. ( ) False


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