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Atividade avaliativa de Inglês

1. Complete with the colors. Remember our class and choose right answer:

a) The sky is __________________________ and clouds are ______________________________

b) Jambo´s uniform is _____________________, ________________ and ___________________

c) Watermelon is colorful. What´s its colors? ______________, ____________ and ____________

d) What are colors of rainbow? __________________, _________________, ________________, __________________, ____________________, ________________ and _________________

e) Banana is _______________, avocado is _________________ and lemon is _______________

2. Preencha as lacunas com o verbo have. Lembre que há um caso onde sua conjugação sofre uma mudança:

a) Lucas Cantarelli _______________ a red and black watch.

b) Wesley and Vitória _______________ a pair of sneakers together.

c) All the students _____________________ an English book.

d) Teacher Martha doesn´t ________________ kids yet.

e) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ______________________ six kids.

3. Marque a hora correta, de acordo com as instruções:

a) It´s four o´clock.

b) It´s eight fifteen.

c) It´s nine ten.

d) It´s seven twenty-five.

e) It´s midday.

4. Complete with one or ones:

a) I´d like a sandwich – a big ____________________________ please.

b) Which shoes did you buy? I bought the black ____________________________.

c) John has gotten three cars: a red ____________________ and two blue ___________________.

d) Which is your coat? The green _____________________________.

e) I like eating cookies. Especially the chocolate chip __________________________.

5. Read the text and answer with That´s right or That´s wrong.


Suzana has many sunglasses. She constantly travels so she buy in her travels. Every sunglass represents a place that she visited. The favorite sunglass is pink and it is by United States of America.

Her friends love her collection and try do wear but se doesn´t permitte.

a) Suzana has a lot of sunglasses. ____________________________________________________

b) She bought in Latin America. _____________________________________________________

c) The favorite sunglass is United States of America. ____________________________________

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